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We serve entrepreneurs, corporate developers and program managers gain confidence, get resourcefulness in creating new businesses by Theory of Uncertainty so they can raise the visibility and clarity for the robust future success that they deserve

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When it comes to business planning in this world of uncertainty, what is your single biggest frustration or problem? And what makes you thrive for success with keen aspirations?

Let me hear a story of your ongoing future challenges, imaginations, insights and advices so that we figure out the keys to the other challengers’ to share.  What I’m going to do is to publish unique Newsletter “Uncertainty” to gather practical foresights from the corners around you.

Experiences over 30 years in Corporate Transformative initiatives and Entrepreneurs’ Growth strategies

Discovery-Driven Growth

Upcoming Seminar 2022

Re-framing Your Business Planning

Planning for Growth in uncertainty is one of the most critical skills to develop not only for small business owners but also corporate professionals, but it doesn’t always come naturally. In this online training course, we’ll explain the 5 winning aspects for that work in any industry.

About Us


Our expertise integrates Theory of innovation, Transformative Program Design and Entrepreneurial Business Planning Strategy based on Discovery-Driven, Real Options Reasoning Approach.

Tomonary means “Communal Achievement" or “Win together success” as "Tomo-Nari" in Japanese.

Our goal is to help people succeed in either corporate transformation or entrepreneurial business context through raising visibility of Make-or-break uncertainties.

Our purpose is To let Clients Be Happiness, Enjoy its creation in all forms, Do self-appreciation and regeneration for every one of them in the world.

Harry Nada

Planning Strategist, M&A advisor, Executive officer at Integratto Inc., and Founder of Tomonary business innovators, Harry has over 20 years of experience as a global strategic corporate professional. He’s helped hundreds of business developers and entrepreneurs execute on transformative strategic plans with his unique Discovery Driven Approach method.

Discover free call appointment with Harry…

Survivor among the highest Pressures on Japan’s High Context Organizations

Real world expertise on Project/Program Management rescues in Business front lines of product development, global marketing and supply chains and corporate strategy on 80 billion company’s turn around.  

Multi-national cross-border experiences

Large scale M&A, BPO and Global PMI, supply chain management programs, business development, entrepreneurial business planning for ten million worth of early series equity funding   


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